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Welcome to the Sci Fi Freak Site, a site run by fans of science fiction on television and at the movies for fans of science fiction tv and films. There aren't any lists of facts and stats and names here (there are professional sites that can do all that so much better). No, here there are simply our opinions of what we have seen - the good, the bad and downright reprehensible. Over one hundred TV productions and a similar number of films are given honest reviews as and when they appear in the UK and we can get to see them. What we do promise is that every review is what we really think and that we watch every single episode of every single show that we review. And our respect for anyone who gets a sci fi project off the ground is undimmed by the quality of the final product. If you enjoy the site then please sign please sign our
Guestbook and, as a non-human once said, "Live long and prosper".

THE FLASH streaks onto shiny discs from September 21

Marvel Comics rule the big screen with their blockbusters about all kinds of AVENGERing superheroes, but it is rivals DC Comics who have stolen a march on the television front with the successes of ARROW and GOTHAM, whilst Marvel's AGENTS OF SHIELD and AGENT CARTER struggle to make an impact. Time then, to introduce one of their flagship heroes in the shape of Leonard, Sheldon, Raj and Howard's favourite THE FLASH.

A young police forensic scientist is caught up in an explosion at a nearby particle accelerator and finds that the thing being accelerated is him. Now able to move faster than a speeding bullet, he fights against others who have been gifted powers like him, but have chosen to use them for more criminal ends.

THE FLASH is a much more colourful, bright and cheerful show than its parent, thanks to the innate likeability of its cast and characters, lacking the essential heart of darkness that is Oliver Queen in ARROW, but there is enough angst to go around with a dead mother, a wrongfully imprisoned father, a lover lost in heroic action and a girlfriend on the arm of another man. There's also a viper in the nest, but that's not giving anything away as you'll figure that out before too long. Some, many things, about THE FLASH are predictable.

There are also some issues with storytelling as the show struggles to find enemies worthy of taking on the Flash. At one point early on, a smoke monster can move as fast as he can despite there being no wind or any other mode of locomotion that would allow this to happen. For all this, however, if superheroes are your thing then THE FLASH makes for a pleasing, if unremarkable, addition to the television stable and the entire first season is available on the shiny disc format of your choice from September 21st. Along with all 23 episodes, you get deleted scenes, featurettes on the Flash and the special effects, gag reel, screen tests, comic con footage and an audio commentary. Head on down to the video emporium closest to you and pick it up, only don't exceed the speed limits.

DOCTOR WHO returns to save the universe (or Saturdays nights at least)

Doctor Who
After an entire series wondering whether or not he is a good man, Peter Capaldi returns as everyone's favourite Time Lord, facing off against alien enemies old and new armed only with a blue box that also travels in time, a companion who has been with him throughout his entire existence (apparently) and a screwdriver that is a little more sonic than all the others. This is as good as Saturday nights get.


Fantastic Four
In these days of impossibly short attention spans, relaunching comic book franchises barely a decade after the last relaunch has become commonplace. Now it's the turn of Marvel Comics FANTASTIC FOUR to get a gritty, teen-centric reboot in the wake of the success of Marvel Studios efforts. Will this finally live up to the standard set by the Marvel Cinematic Universe or are the four that would be fantastic still on the fans' disdain list? Click here to see what we thought.

CINDERELLA Out August 24

Another classic Disney animation gets the live-action makeover. CINDERELLA suffers ugly sisters and evil stepmothers before a fairy godmother gets all magical in fashioning crystalline footwear. Is it a happy ever after or all a bit Grimm? Click here to see what we thought.


Days of Future Past
Gone are the days when directors and editors chucked out all the stuff that got in the way of telling the story that they wanted to make and came up with a cut of the film that was then THE cut of the film. Now, DVD and Blu Ray has opened the floodgates to the special edition cut, the director's cut, the tea lady's cut and now THE ROGUE CUT. X-MEN:DAYS OF FUTURE PAST gets the subtitular makeover with more scenes and a longer running time that we are assured is a whole new version of the film. Personally, we quite liked the old one, so is this all-new cut of the comic book action time travel movie worth buying all over again? Click here to see what we thought.

DRACULA UNTOLD on shiny discs from February 9th

Dracula Untold
When the marauding Turks come knocking at your door and want to take away your children, who you call? Dracula, apparently. The latest rendering of Bram Stoker's famous literary bloodsucker sees Luke Evans don the fancy fangs in a grand gothic origin story. DRACULA UNTOLD is the story of how the count became the count. Or is it? More importantly is all that gothic guignol or gaga? Click here to read our review.

A generation ship suffers murder during its ASCENSION

On a one hundred year voyage to a new world in order to save Humanity, the crew of the Ascension, a generation born on the ship knowing that they will die on the ship, suffer their first murder, and a whole lot more, whilst power struggles dog the captain, love affairs mess with the crew and all is truly not what it seems. An attempt at event television with this three night mini-series, this was meant to be spectacular, thrilling and full of surprises. Was it? Read the review.

THE LIBRARIANS have arrived

Magic has been returned to the world of man and it's down to a small group of mismatched, but exceptional, people to protect humanity from the myriad of downfalls that only the strangest of magical forces can conjure up for it. The new show from SyFy sounds like a lot of the old shows from SyFy. Can this one succeed where others have middled?


Remember Me
With indecent haste, the BBC has rushed out the DVD of three part ghost story REMEMBER ME to cash in the generally favourable response to this (almost) seasonal ghost story. The BBC has a history of ghost stories for Christmas, so how does this one stack up against that legacy. The three parter is reviewed here in case you missed it or in case you simply found REMEMBER ME forgettable.


The Day The Earth Caught Fire
The seminal, not to mention flipping good, British science fiction end of the world film THE DAY THE EARTH CAUGHT FIRE has been digitally remastered and is now presented by the British Film Institute and Studiocanal on Blu Ray. Do we need any more incentive to review one of our most favourite British science fiction films of all time? We don't think so. Head on over to the review and find out just why we really rate this movie.

New York takes THE STRAIN on Blu Ray and DVD


A strange disease hits New York and it is down to a rogue CDC operative to buck the official cover up and team up with an old monster hunter to save the people. Yes, it's Guillermo Del Toro's foray into vampires, zombies, diseases, worms in eyeballs and all manner of other pretty things, now out on Blu Ray and DVD for you to own. This new take on an old tale debuted on Watch in the UK and has come out on shiny disc formats with considerable speed. Eager to please those who want to watch it all over again or afraid that everyone will have forgotten it by the end of the week? You can read our episode by episode reviews here. Alternatively, you could make your way down to the local emporium of flat circular things that play in machines under your telly, get it and make your mind up for yourself. Your choice really.
And if that's not enough to sate your appetite, then head on over to TWO STRAINS and compare sequences from the TV show to its comic book source.
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Modern Sci-Fi Films FAQ
Science fiction has been one of the most important movie genres of the past few decades and films from the genre have dominated the box office lists. Want to know which are the most important examples? Well, MODERN SCI-FI FILMS FAQ is out now, a book that covers just that, all of the most important entries in the movie science fiction genre since 1970. Is it any good though? Take a teleport over to our blog and read our review.
THE COMPLEX is a Japanese horror movie from Hideo Nakata, the maker of RINGU. Unnerving settings, scary kids, reality and unreality merging are all staples of his work and are all here, present and correct. But is the decision to buy the DVD (out on January 27th) a complex one? Read the review.
MEGAFORCE storms onto the shiny disc format. Barry Bostwick plays Ace Hunter (we kid you not!), the golden jumpsuited leader of an elite fighting force that strikes wherever freedom, fashion of sensible hairstyles are threatened. A VHS cult favourite, it's out on November 25th 2013 on DVD. We watched it so you wouldn't have to.
Robotrix DVD
She's mean, she's mechanical, she's naked. Yes, it's ROBOTRIX, a cult favourite on VHS coming to DVD to remind you of the sheer amount of bonkers that the Hong Kong exploitation cinema industry could fit into a single movie. It's out on November 25th 2013 and we've (p)reviewed for you.
Stephen King's Bag Of Bones DVD
Another Stephen King doorstep novel gets the TV miniseries treatment as BAG OF BONES comes to the shiny disc format. Pierce Brosnan plays a bereaved novelist who heads for the familiar small towns of Maine to try and write a new novel, but instead finds himself caught up with a messy custody case, an old curse and a blues singer who the townsfolk most definitely done her wrong. Click on the image to find out whether this ranks with the top King adaptations or whether it's just rank.
Dr Who and the Daleks
There's an awful lot happening this year to celebrate a certain Time Lord's birthday and one of the most exciting is this release of digitally remastered blu ray copies of DR WHO AND THE DALEKS and DALEKS:INVASION EARTH 2150AD. Click on the images to find out what we thought of the new shiny discs available from May 27th.
Daleks Invasion Earth 2150AD
Lost Girl
The first season of the adventures of Bo, Succubus and kick ass action heroine, comes to DVD with all 13 episodes in the shiny disc format. Initially unaware of her origins, she is cast into a dangerous underworld of strange creatures known as the Fae. Aided by sexy cop and a quirky gal pal, she solves mysteries and fights for the people caught up in the supernatural shenanigans. You can find out what we thought of the season here or get yourself over to your favourite high street or online purveyor of shiny discs.

Storage 24
What would you do if you were caught in a locked self-storage facility with a creature that likes eating people? Curl and and cry for our mummy is our answer, but the characters in STORAGE 24 are made of sterner stuff. You can find out what happens from October 29th when this home-grown comedy/sci-fi/actioner comes out on shiny disc format.
The Devil Rides Out
The latest in Studiocanal's restorations of Hammer Studios films are almost upon us and they are led by the excellent THE DEVIL RIDES OUT, starring Christopher Lee in an adaptation of the novel by Dennis Wheatley. Black magic, giant spiders and the narrator from THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW - what more could you want? A snazzy new blu ray restoration? It's here on October 22nd. Don't be late.











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