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  1. Todd The Metal God
  2. How To Make A Homunculus
  3. Rock N Roll Zombies Know Best
  4. Gay Day
  5. Monster Fat
  6. Invasion Of The Stupid Snatchers
  7. Terrible Twin Turf Tussle
  8. Cockfight
  9. Big Bad Baby
  10. The Ghost Of Chet Sukowski
  11. The Phantom Of Crowley High
  12. Checkmate
  13. Farewell to Curtis' Arm

Todd Smith - Alex House

Jenny Kolisnki - Maggie Castle

Curtis Weaver - Billy Turnbull

Hannah Williams - Melanie Leishman

Atticus Murphy Jr - Chris Leavins

Jimmy The Janitor - Jason Mewes

Season 2

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Todd The Metal God

Todd is an amiable loser at Crowley High School. He dreams of being a heavy metal superstar and getting the girl of his dreams Jenny. This all seems possible when he finds the book of pure evil, but the entire school is threatened.

TODD AND THE BOOK OF PURE EVIL wants to be BILL AND TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE/BOGUS JOURNEY for a new generation, throwing in some SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD along the way. There's also a hint of REAPER about it.

Except that this opening episode does not have one thousandth of the wit, brains of charm of any of those other films/shows. The script is dull and plays to the lowest common denominator. When the height of the comedy is someone bleeding from their backside then you just know things aren't going to go well.

There's no attempt at acting. The cast mug their way through proceedings. Since the gore effects and swearing make the audience older, this infantile posturing doesn't really wash.

TODD AND THE BOOK OF PURE EVIL seems to be aimed at a very, very specific audience, that being boys exactly like Todd. It may appeal to them, but if this episode is anything to go by then it's going to miss everyone else.


How To Make A Homunculus

Hannah loves Todd, not that he notices. She decides to create a homunculus of Ted for the science fair, but then people start dying.

The homunculus in this episode is an amalgam of shockingly bad puppet work and really shonky CGI effects. The fact that the show is willing to settle for such an cringe-inducingly poor set of special effects shows its lack of interest in doing anything other than to play to its intended audience with potty-mouth innuendo.

Sucks dude.


Rock N Roll Zombies Know Best

Jenny's goth friend is inviting boys to her house with promises of sex and then feeding them to a zombie rock n roll duo. Todd and Curtis are next.

Talk of orgies and getting laid for the first time are the centre of this episode of juvenilia. There is an attempt at actual humour as the zombie rockers argue and the parents of the kids are offered up to them, but it's all painfully ... well just painful.


Gay Day

A gay student turns all the boys in the school day and faces the wrath of the cheerleaders.

There are interesting ideas here about the popularity and power base of the cheerleaders being based entirely on their ability to seduce the popular guys and the consequences for them of losing that, but these are lost under the constant barrage of jokes that are merely the repetiton of the word penis. Apparently, the writers believe that if you say it often enough it becomes funny. Guess what - it doesn't.

The ending is also surprisingly gory.


Monster Fat

A fat girl uses the book to get thin, but the waste fat goes on a rampage, turning all the girls fat.

After the goths and the gays it's time to go after ... the fatties. Whilst we appreciate a bit of non-PC fun, there has to be some fun with the insults, but there is nothing here that is even remotely likely to raise a smile.

The fat suits are obvious and not convincing and the fat monster itself is as pathetic as its mode of destruction. Is a giant-sized suppository the best they could come up with?


Invasion Of The Stupid Snatchers

A stupid students wants to be the most intelligent kid in school. Instead of becoming smart, he releases a gas that makes everyone else even more stupid.

So after gays and goths and the fat and the ugly we can now have a go at the stupid. The show that seems intent on insulting everyone turns to its next target with glee, but with just as little wit or actual jokes as the preceding episodes.

There is one nice moment with Hannah walking the hallways as the last intelligent person around, but it's only a moment and serves to show just how substandard the rest of the show is.


Terrible Twin Turf Tussle

It's a year since Jenny's father disappeared and Todd's insensitivity sends Jenny into the arms of another girl whose twin takes offence.

There's a bit more plot to this episode, despite the lingering girl on girl smooches that seem to be its raison d'etre. The lesbianism turns to cloning to a clone war to siamese twins in a completely unpredictable way.

Add to that Hannah trying to sex herself up to win Todd's affection and this would qualify as a good episode if there were actually any jokes in it, well any funny ones anyway.



A bully with small attributes uses the book to enhance his length only for his penis to become a raging monster.

For most teenage boys the image of their penis as an uncontrollable monster isn't a metaphor and this episode plays upon that. Not in a good way, you understand. It gives the scriptwriters a chance to use the word penis as many times as they possibly can and they've already shown that they believe this to be funny.

That said, the giant mutant monster talking penis is a surprisingly effective enemy.


Big Bad Baby

A girl who wants to be part of the knocked-up teens club uses the book to have a baby, but her offspring proves to be more than a handful.

The giant baby suit isn't convincing, but then again what is about this show? Clearly it would like to think it's making some points about teen pregnancy and the like, but it's not and it's not making any funny jokes either.


The Ghost of Chet Sukowski

The captain of the failing basketball team uses the book to become a top player, but it turns out that the top player also drove himself off a cliff with a girlfriend very much like Jenny.

Oh, so close. The knob jokes are dialled right back in this episode and the story is cohesive and entertaining right up until just before the end where the show's worst impulses take over again. It's a shame because this was the best episode that the show had come up with to date.


The Phantom Of Crowley High

A drama club member uses the book to become a great singer so that she can be in the musical production, but when she loses her tongue she decides that if she can't be in the show then nobody will be.

This episode of TODD AND THE BOOK OF PURE EVIL doesn't so much channel THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA as mug it and steal everything that it owns. Using an existing story, and a classic at that, as the backbone of the episode actually makes it a good deal better than others have been.

The musical play, staged by Atticus Murphy to purge his childhood pain, is suitably awful and really rather fun and Curtis gets a good musical number as well as an emerging love story.



A member of the chess club uses the book to gain the gift of foresight. He foresees that Todd will be the downfall of the whole school and so sets about killing him, using Curtis and Hannah as his hypnotised slaves.

The pulsing eye effect used in this episode is simple and yet really very creepy. The revelation that Todd could be turned by the book into the worst evil of them all is a nice moment, so nice that the sequence gets used twice.


Farewell to Curtis' Arm

Todd is having problems dealing with the fact that he might destroy the world, so much so that he doesn't notice Jenny go missing or that Curtis has used the book to create himself a giant evil arm.

It's the season finale and for the the big climax we get a story about Curtis that reveals how he lost his arm. Love will be professed, a son will come to power and Todd will face his destiny in the school's closed down machine shop.

The plot has more going for it than usual and the reliance of toilet humour is reduced. The resolution also has a surprise or two in store and if this is what we can expcet from season two then there might be hope for the show yet.








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