Season 1


Lost Girl

  1. It's A Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World
  2. Where There's A Will There's A Fae
  3. Oh Kappa, My Kappa
  4. Faetal Attraction
  5. Dead Lucky
  6. Food For Thought
  7. ArachnoFaebia
  8. Vexed
  9. Fae Day
  10. The Mourning After
  11. Faetal Justice
  12. (Dis)Members Only

Bo - Anna Silk

Kenzi - Ksenia Solo

Dyson - Kristen Holden-Ried

Hale - KC Collins

Trick - Rick Howland

Lauren - Zoie Palmer

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It's A Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World

Bo has issues. Firstly, she has no idea who she is, having been abandoned as a baby by her real parents. She also has no idea why she has the power to suck the life force out of someone by kissing them, something she has to do to save a young female thief from being drugged and raped. This brings her to the attention of the fae, an underworld of powerful creatures that hides amongst humanity. They determine that Bo is a succubus and she is given a trial that will earn her the right to choose between the dark and the light or see her seriously dead.

Supernatural shows are the new thing, taking the place of all the superhero shows that so spectacularly failed to deliver on the small screen. Thus we get Bo, a succubus who has a built in sex-appeal by being able to suck the life out of people during sexual activity (admittedly reduced to mere kissing in this opening episode) and put others under her spell with a mere touch of her hand. She also has no concerns about whether she uses these talents on men or women. It's a blatant targeting of the teenage male market and it is only the nature of the heroine that is in any way original.

The fae underworld hidden from man is a tired set up and having it split into light and dark (good and evil) is just so laughably simplistic that it threatens to unbalance the whole thing into farce when it is first explained. The neutral territory bar is familiar from many a show, but most specifically ANGEL and BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER. There are trials of combat where speed and guile are the winning combination and there's a mysterious background to be uncovered and a comedy sidekick as well.

This wants so desperately to be Top

Where There's A Will There's A Fae

Bo is approached by a will 'o wisp who has had his stash of jewels stolen and wants her to get them back in exchange for information about the night she was abandoned. The thief, however, is easier to find that she had expected and has a whole other agenda, not to mention is being chased by headless killers.

By not being on either the side of the dark or the light, it seems that Bo has positioned herself to be someone to whom any member of the underworld can come for help, thus setting up the show as yet another vampire private investigator show except that the vampire is a succubus. If that's the case then it's another disappointing step along the road of unoriginality.

The plot is perfectly fine, though uninspiring, but the inclusion of assassins who remove their heads before going in for the kill is pretty ridiculous and only done to allow Kenzi a chance of saving the day.

Having the will 'o wisp be a drunkold man with questionable personal habits might have seemed like a fun contradiction with the traditional view, but it does undermine the plot's whole basis by making you wonder how he could attract any woman enough to have a son in the first place.


Oh Kappa, My Kappa

Bo and Kenzi have set up a detective agency and their first case is a girl gone missing from her college dorm. The only clue is that she was trying out for a sorority. Both girls go undercover to find out the truth.

So Bo and Kensi are setting themselves up in the detective business working both sides of the supernatural divide. What a shock, we didn't see that one coming (honest). As unoriginal as the idea is, the script works even more unoriginally, taking cast off ideas from BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER and making sure that none of the sass, wit or charm manages to stay.

The dialogue is poor, the action uninspiring and the characters uninteresting. Things do not look good.


Faetal Attraction

Bo gets caught up in a love triangle between two furies and a human. People start losing their heads, literally.

As if the show wasn't predictable enough, the makers decide to show the outcome of the episode right at the start, so there is no tension in the supposed hostage situation. Still that balances with the fact that there's not wit, no charm, no warmth and no real interest either.

Throwing in a threesome for a little sexual frisson doesn't do anything to hide the fact, either.


Dead Lucky

Bo gets caught up in a battle between dark fey bookies as she goes after a con man who can move from corpse to corpse.

Another episode where it's painfully obvious who the real bad guy is from the moment that they appear on the screen and the rest of the plot is just to get from the beginning to the end without big blank spaces.

The characters continue to be unenthralling and the comedy isn't very funny. The action doesn't come through to save the day, though, being not very much and not very often and there isn't enough intrigue to cover the hole.


Food For Thought

Fae carrion eaters get sick and Bo needs to find out where the poisioned food came from and what poisoned it because Kenzi just ate a bowl of it.

Apart from the cannibalistic humour that is inevitable in the plotline, this is a pretty straightforward storyline that gives a couple of the minor characters a chance to round themselves out (but only just a little). Apart from that, it's business as usual and it's too early for the show to be getting this obvious and just a little dull.



Kenzi carries out a fake 'cleansing' of a house where a murder took place. She accidentally picks up a giant spider that is an ancient Fae with the power to ramp up paranoia and anger until violence occurs. Both Bo and Kenzi are infected.

The first thing that has to be said about this is that the spider Fae is a poor piece of CGI and that undermines the whole episode. Once you get past there is a lot of hitting men with frying pans, some low-level humour and a mildly tense climax.

It really just ought to be more involving and more exciting than it actually is.



Bo believes that she has a lead to her mother in the shape of a fae about to be executed for the murder of her family. She did it under the control of powerful dark fae and Bo goes after him, but everyone, it seems, is determined to stop her.

The mystery around Bo's mother comes back to the fore, but this is only the excuse to hang a series of betrayals on. Lauren goes to her bed to distract her, and to give the episode a sapphic frisson for the more hormonal audience. Dyson continues to blow hot and cold and Bo is handed a weapon that is so much like the WITCHBLADE as to be legally actionable.

What is mainly missing is any sense of a conclusion. The pace builds up to a climactic face off that never happens.


Fae Day

Bo and Kenzi get caught up in a blood feud between two brothers, one dark fae and the other light. Bo undertakes a ceremony that could see one of the brothers dead and her along with him.

This is the least fun episode yet. The cause of the feud between the two brothers is dull and the characters not worth the time it takes to watch. The ceremony/trial that Bo participates in is really rather silly and the truth isn't very hard to work out anyway.


The Mourning After

A Fae is making women commit suicide after a night of passion. Bo investigates, but is distracted by Saskia, another Succubus who offers to show her all the secrets of her kind. Kenzi, meanwhile, helps bartender Trick to locate a missing magical coin.

It is amazing that nobody in the whole of the Fae community has heard of the creature that is causing the deaths of the women and yet Saskia can immediately name it. Collective amnesia seems to be the order of the day, something that the plot relies on to make up for the large holes.

The subplot of Kenzi and the missing coin is tedious in the extreme and it is very easy to guess the twist ending.

The relationship between Bo and Saskia could have been fascinating and should have been fascinating, but ends up being dull and only serving the mystery plot. Shame.


Faetal Justice

Dyson wakes up next to a dead dark Fae that he argued with the night before. He claims sanctuary in Trick’s bar whilst Bo investigates the killing, hoping to find out who was really responsible before someone finds a way of handing over Dyson to the Dark.

This is an old, tired story that isn’t freshened up too much by being set in this universe. Predictability is the watch word of the day and the repetitive dialogue (is there any other way to say ‘Dyson – stay!’ ?) doesn’t help matters either.

Neither does Kenzi’s friendship with another goth girl in the hope of finding information and saving her. Yawn.


(Dis)Members Only

Something is killing illegal workers at a country club. Dyson and Bo go undercover as a rich married couple whilst Kenzi is hired as an illegal worker. Can the mystery be solved before Kenzi becomes the next target?

The story is predictable and there isn't enough in the way of fun to make up for that. The time drags and quite frankly you could almost root for the evil plant demon thing to win but for the fact that the killer tendrils are such bad CGI that there can be no excuse.








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