Season 2


Lost Girl

  1. Caged Fae
  2. Subterrfaenean
  3. Confaegion
  4. Fae-de To Black
  5. Faes Wide Shut
  6. The Kenzi Scale
  7. There's Bo Place Like Home
  8. Fae-ge Against The Machine
  9. Ceremony
  10. Delinquents
  11. Adventures In Fae-bysitting
  12. Hail Hale
  13. Those Who Wander

Bo - Anna Silk

Kenzi - Ksenia Solo

Dyson - Kristen Holden-Ried

Hale - KC Collins

Trick - Rick Howland

Lauren - Zoie Palmer

Tamsin - Rachel Skarsten

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Caged Fae

Bo's rampage comes to an end and she is sent prison, a prison being used by Amazons for nefarious purposes.

Yes, LOST GIRL goes all BRUBAKER and not a single women in prison cliché is overlooked. Considering that this is the season opener, it really ought to have been a whole lot better than this.

Things are not looking good right from the outset.



A friend of Kenzi's goes missing, apparently taken for food by a group of fae living in fear underground.

Dyson gets himself a sexy new partner who is dark fae and hates Bo. As a result, she spends the entire episode trying to pin everything on Bo. Aside from the introduction of this new character there was nothing in this episode that was even remotely interesting.

Two strikes in the first two episodes and this third season is shaping up to be the weakest ever and that is not good news.



Bo, Dyson and Tamsin are infected by a parasite that regresses them to early teen years whilst Kenzi becomes a superheroine with a stick.

This episode is much lighter and more fun than the first two of the season, but still revolves around an idea that is so old and hackneyed that you have to wonder if there is any originality left in the writers' box of tricks at all.

The regressed Dyson, Bo and Tamsin are fun, but they should have been hilarious. Kenzi makes for a kick-ass heroine and it might have been nice if a way could have been found for her to keep her powers.

The cast are clearly having a blast and if the witty lines could be welded to a more original idea then this season might just pick up.


Fae-de To Black

Bo goes undercover as a new-age couples therapist when people start emulating thier heroes and dying as a result.

Another rather uninteresting episode with a shallow mystery to be solved and characters acting in ways that they never have before. Kenzi is ignored by all even though she has a major problem and Trick tells Hale to stay away from her. Why?

At least the problems with the relationship between Bo and Lauren becomes a bit more interesting when the doc realises that Bo is suffering because she is not feeding and in order to feed Bo has to sleep with others. Now that's a dilemma.


Faes Wide Shut

Visitors to a fae-run sex club are turning to jelly, literally. Kenzi is stirring things up with the others.

There's a giant sex-squid in this episode. No, seriously. Which just goes to show how silly this whole thing can get at times.

Kenzi isn't acting like Kenzi, but it takes even Bo a long time to notice it.


The Kenzi Scale

Bo knows that Kenzi is an imposter, but everyone assumes that she has finally lost it and lock her up. Help comes from an unexpected direction.

With friends like these ... Kenzi turns everyone against Bo in seconds and only one of her enemies can see the truth of what is happening. It's a bog standard episode and the speechifying about how wonderful Kenzi is makes it all the worse.


There's Bo Place Like Home

Bo's first trial in becoming full fae (or a neanderthal if she fails) requires her to go home and confront the adoptive mother she hates.

Fae have a magical crisis that turns them into angry vegetables if they don't pass, apparently. What kind of evolutionary process could have come up with something as ludicrous as that? It makes no sense at all.

Still, this episode drops Bo and Kenzi into hicksville and watches them squirm. Sure, there's a ghostly presence killing people, but it is the fun of watching Kenzi freak out about the normalcy of the place that is the dubious fun of the story.


Fae-ge Against The Machine

Bo's invitation to her life-threatening 'Dawning' comes in the shape of a game that Trick must use to alter the path of her current investigation, though he does not know the outcome of each of this moves.

There's a sense of unreality about the mission that Bo finds herself on that suggests all along that it might be nothing more than an illusion cast by the game, but the presence of Tamsin undermines this. Why it is Tamsin accompanying Bo and not Kenzi is hard to justify, except as a source of information that Bo doesn't have herself.

It's hard to believe that a whole fae community can live in plain sight and in a set of woods that are only minutes walk away from the city centre, but this all adds to the strangeness and the sense of unreality.

In the end, this is an enjoyable, if immediately forgettable episode.



The time of Bo's Dawning arrives and she will either succeed or be left a dribbling idiot. Dyson goes along for the ride, knowing that it could cost him his life.

The 'Dawning' is a ceremony of mumbo jumbo in which Bo gets a chance to run through her head and decide exactly who she really is and what she really wants. This, of course, all takes place in a series of alternate realities that show her other sides of her psyche. We've been here so many times in so many shows that it's almost impossible to get worked up about this episode. The outcome, even when the big surprise for Dyson arrives, is never in doubt and the get out clause is all a bit convenient.

Still, it's all done competently enough, never actually gets boring and if you have invested in the characters then it has everthing that you need to be mildly entertained.



Bo and Kenzi go undercover to find out what is killing inmates at a youth detention facility.

And it's back to monster-of-the-week mode following the ending of the 'Dawning' mini plot arc with Bo and Kenzi being really not all that entertaining at a summer camp for bad kids. The kids in question are barely even sketched in so the threat to them is not all that threatening.

Linda Hamilton pops up for five minutes and proves to be more entertaining than the rest of the cast in the rest of the show as a bounty hunter reminding someone that they have to kill Bo for the big bad guy lurking in the background.

Just to top things off, Bo and Lauren's love life has become the stuff of soap opera and really needs someone to die to put us out of our misery.


Adventures In Fae-bysitting

In a gated community of the wealthy, Bo and Kenzi try to find out why people are going missing.

The monster-of-the-week story isn't all that interesting, though the characters from the gated community are actually a lot of fun in their own right. The comic writing for them is spot on. The undertone of pathos is also nicely judged, giving the episode a tiny bit of depth that is usually missing.

Lauren's story takes an interesting turn as she walks out on the fae and the discovery of burial ground for murdered fae makes for a nice plot arc introduction. hopefully promising better things for the future.

Not the worst LOST GIRL episode, but still struggling to rise above the average.


Hail Hale

Hale's ascension as the Ash is interrupted and the Morrigan uses the attack by humans as a way of ousting him before he can be crowned. Meanwhile, Dyson and Lauren really find out what's going on.

Humans capturing fae and putting them into gladiatorial combats? Humans wanting to get what the fae have through science. This has all been done before and much better. Still, at least the plot threads have been brought together and we can get on with the finale.

Lauren's story takes an interesting turn as she walks out on the fae and the discovery of burial ground for murdered fae makes for a nice plot arc introduction. hopefully promising better things for the future.


Those Who Wander

Bo calls on her friends in order to save her loved ones.

Bo's plan to save the day involves walking up and getting captured and hope that the highly-trained guards won't frisk you for the syringe of Valkyrie supercharging juice in your pocket. The inanity of it overcomes what should have been an all-action finale.

There is some action, but everyone is sent in different directions and the new big bad has already been introduced, so it doesn't feel like a finale at all.








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