Season 2


Lost Girl

  1. Something Wicked This Fae Comes
  2. I Fought The Fae (And The Fae Won)
  3. Scream A Little Dream
  4. Mirror, Mirror
  5. BrotherFae Of The Wolves
  6. It's Better To Burn Out Than Fae Away
  7. Fae Gone Wild
  8. Death Didn't Become Him
  9. Original Skin
  10. Raging Fae
  11. Can't See The Fae-rest
  12. Masks
  13. Barometz. Trick. Pressure.
  14. Midnight Lamp
  15. Table For Fae
  16. The Girl Who Fae'd With Fire
  17. Fae'nted Love
  18. Truth And Consequences
  19. Lachlan's Gambit
  20. Into The Dark
  21. Flesh And Blood

Bo - Anna Silk

Kenzi - Ksenia Solo

Dyson - Kristen Holden-Ried

Hale - KC Collins

Trick - Rick Howland

Lauren - Zoie Palmer

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It's A Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World

The Light Fae are in disarray and a travelling group of cursed Fae use this opportunity to seek out mystic weapons to sever the land from their control. Bo must stop them, but Dyson's return complicates matters with his strange attitude toward her.

Cribbing its plot from the legends of Arthur (land linked to the mystical leader, swords and stones etc) this opening episode of the second season hits the ground running and makes no attempt to fill in any new viewers on just what's what. The plot is pleasingly complex, pleasingly gruesome in places, but is blessed with a massive anticlimax at the end, something that plagued the first season.

The pace of the plot doesn't leave a lot of time for banter and character stuff, but that's likely to follow in future episodes.


I Fought The Fae (And The Fae Won)

The election of the new Ash is to be decided by a stag hunt, but the Stag is a light fae who has one last request to make and makes it of Bo.

The main plot here is slight and at least ten minutes short of the running time. The rest it is made up hints about darker storylines to come (Trick's real identity, the struggle to get Dyson his love for Bo back etc) that fill out the rest of the running time with meaningless, pointless codas.

Considering the build up that the episode gives to the hunt, it turns out to be a total damp squib and the way that the rules of the hunt are outwitted isn't half as clever as we might have liked.


Scream A Little Dream

Bo's investigation into why a whole building's tenants have lost their minds leads to bad dreams and brings her into conflict with the arrogant new Ash.

The dream stealer is revealed early on, so the mystery here is fairly short-lived and the twists that it tries to hide until the end are predictable and dull.

The supposed comedy around the house-tidying Brownie falls dreadfully flat and even Ksenia Solo's usually fun Kenzi can't make it work.


Mirror, Mirror

Pretty drunk, Kenzi calls on a witch from her childhood days and curses Dyson to be hated by all women. In the sober light of day, she has to enter the witch's realm to get the curse lifted.

Hansel and Gretel gets a Russian updating in this whimsical, but oh so pointless story that uses the 'fairy tales are real' set up to little real effect. The ending is predictable and there isn't that much fun along the way.


BrotherFae Of The Wolf

A pack brother of Dyson's from way back shows up looking for the scary Mongolian Death Worm. Cue flashbacks.

The scary monster is an old lady who just wants her TV. It's the central joke in a very poor story and it falls flatter than a pancake under a steamroller. The twists of the plot around her are predictable and the action is dreadfully lacking.

And then there's the flashbacks. Since BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER and ANGEL no supernatural being can come without a backstory to be played out in flashbacks full of dodgy wigs, accents and outfits. A whole cast of people that we never get to know enough to remotely care about are introduced and then killed off in the hope of giving Dyson some depth as a character. It's a tactic that fails completely.


It's Better To Burn Out Than To Fae Away

Bo searches for a graffiti artist who is under the wing of the Morrigan, but dark fae politics muddies the case.

Exactly what is going on in this episode is obvious as soon as the guilty party appears on screen, leaving little to excite or interest as the cast stumble towards the answer the audience has already guessed some time past.

And the rest is really too tiresome to make up for it.


Fae Gone Wild

Bo is hired to find a missing girl who has just shown up seducing a police station full of officers in order to free a killer. Bo is going to have to go undercover in a strip club to find out what is going on.

Considering that Bo is a succubus who lives of sexual energy you might have thought that a pole dancing club would be just the sort of place she would like to hang out. Since the show has shed some of its concentration of sexual matters, she doesn't do more than tend bar, though there are a lot of slow-motion shots of scantily-clad women gyrating and not just in the background. The episode wants to have its cake and eat it and fails to do either, being simply unsatisfying.

The plot is simple and unbelievable, not to mention pointless. It passes the time, but nothing more.


Death Didn't Become Him

A friend of Trick's needs help finding the missing body of his lover. It turns out that the fae responsible is hugely old, hugely powerful and might be able to help Lauren if Bo doesn't have to kill him first.

The fae of the week (an ancient Egyptian fae who can cheat death and bring back corpses as puppets) is moderately interesting, but that's about it for this episode. The subplot about Kenzi and Hale trying to babysit a spoiled fae teen is bumped up to half the running time, but doesn't have half the interest to justify it.

The plot arc about Lauren's girlfriend in a coma moves on a step, but everything else just stands still.


Original Skin

A mad prisoner escapes and causes all of Bo's close friends to switch bodies.

There is some fun to be had watching the actors play their fellow characters, although it's mainly Kristen Holden-Ried who gets to play Kenzi in Dyson's body. She is the most fun character no matter who is playing her.

The inter-personal tension fails to hold the attention and the action, as Lauren goes after the Ash, fizzles out before it even has a chance to get going. There's even some vision or other to mess up the storyline by muddying the waters.


Raging Fae

Bo goes undercover into the world of Fae cage fighting to find out how a human could be beating up superpowerful Fae.

Ah the old supernatural cage fighting episode. It shows up in so many shows somewhere along the line and this is the LOST GIRL version, with a dash of THE CHAMP thrown in for good measure. Well, ineffective measure if truth be known. There's nothing new here and precious little that is interesting.

It's all done with glossy superficial efficiency, but below that, nothing remains.


Can't See The Fae-rest

Rich humans are being crushed to death at fashionable parties, so Bo and Kenzi go undercover, but the true cause might rest in Trick's bar.

This episode makes little to no sense. The superficial story is about superficial people being killed for unknowingly exploiting nature. The thing is that the killer can strike without being detected and yet ends up in police custody and is easily handled in Trick's bar because of a befuddled state of mind. Sense doesn't impinge on the plotting at any point.

Bo's relationship woes with Dyson and his new girl continue to drag along with the pace of a glacier and the Ash's treatment of Lauren is about as convincing as a whelk stand up comedy show.



In order to take the curse of Lauren's girlfriend, Bo must travel first to Africa and then Madagascar to face off against a dying shaman and being whose touch turns everything to dust.

The travel agent in this episode is brilliant. This is the light and silly tone that the show ought to try more often as it's the funniest the show has ever been and lifts an otherwise mediocre episode into the entertaining bracket.

The fae with the deadly touch is an OK enemy, but the action still doesn't match up, failing to excite.


Barometz. Trick. Pressure

Trick needs certain items to complete a ritual to see the future. The search will teach Dyson a thing or two about himself and the Bo enters a truce with the Ash.

Despite the terribly twisted stretch of a title that the episode is saddled with, it is a storyline that moves the plot arc forward, giving out information about the coming enemy, the history of the problem and creating fragile alliance against it. That certainly beats the Dyson plot arc as he learns that he doesn't love his new girlfriend either.

At least there's a halfway decent swordfight between Bo and the Ash to be going on with.


Midnight Lamp

The Geruda is the big threat that has been warned about. Bo is sent by the Ash to capture an Yfrit (genie) masquerading as a film actress who might have more information, but ends up trapped in the same lamp with her.

This is a fun, entertaining episode, mainly because of Ryan, a fae inventor who has the key to trapping the genie. The sparky dialogue between him and Bo is sharp and amusing and makes up for the existential angst of Dysonís stolen ability to love.


Table For Fae

Ryan, Bo's new man, helps with a case involving young people being robbed of their youth, leaving Kenzi to try and save her new boyfriend from the Morrigan's clutches.

The youth of the poor being sold to the rich - now that's original (please note the very heavy irony). The central investigation is completely unoriginal and equally uninteresting. It does give us more of Ryan, Bo's dark fae boyfriend who remains a great character, but it also gives us more Dyson pining and a Kenzi story that is just plain awful.


The Girl Who Fae'd With Fire

Rich and powerful fae are being burned to ashes. The next target is Hale's dad and Kenzi is posing as Hale's girlfriend at an important party.

One of the better episodes, mainly because of the relationship stuff going on between Kenzi, Hale and Kenzi's real boyfriend. The rest of the plot is the usual fae nonsense and Dyson's self-destructive downward spiral. Nothing, then that we haven't seen before.

The magma monster is one of the better ones that the show has come up with, but it's on screen for far too short a time to make a real impact and who the heck keeps vats of liquid nitrogen in their kitchen?


Fae'nted Love

When Bo loses her memory, Ryan tries to use this advantage to get her to marry him.

Dyson is sent to talk to a killer fae who is so toxic that he can ruin your mind just by talking to you. Yes, it's THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, LOST GIRL-style. It's such an obvious steal and really doesn't have anything new to do with the subject that it undermines the more fun part of the show.

Bo as a fluffy little helpless girl just doesn't work and Anna Silk is the problem. Hers is a one note performance and the change of pace here is not something that she can cope with. The dialogue is amusing, but not enough to make up for the flimsy material.


Truth And Consequences

The Ash sends Bo to deal with a powerful Fae known as the Glaive. She finds a powerfully persuasive woman and struggles with the choice given to her, as does Kenzi when everyone advises her to leave with her new love to avoid the coming war.

Choices can be tough and everyone gets to make one in this episode. Bo gets not only to decide if she is going to work for the Ash, but also if she is going to kill for him. She has to decide between the love of a friend and the right thing to do. Kenzi has to decide where she belongs and Trick has to decide whether to ally with the Ash.

With all that going on the story deficiencies are far less obvious than usual and everything moves along quite nicely.


Lachlan's Gambit

Both Bo and Dyson believe that they have what it takes to destroy the Geruda, so the team assembles and heads out to challenge him face to face. The Ash shows his true colours.

The Geruda has been revealed to be a less than spectacular adversary, so this episode ups his currency with the addition of a fiery sword and some casualties on Team Bo. The big face off isn't really all that exciting and the Ash's titular gambit resolves the character, but fails to excite either.


Into The Dark

Following the disasatrous face-off with the Geruda, Bo decides that she needs help and the best man for the job is the Morrigan's prisoner.

The Morrigan has been one of the more fun adversaries for Bo and having to deal with her up close and personal is a scenario that leads to all manner of fun. Even better is the sight of Kenzi and chainsaw going up against a tree spirit to get Dyson's mojo back..


Flesh And Blood

When Trick is kidnapped by the Geruda, Bo binds the rest of the gang to her through her own blood, something that could make her strong enough to kill her enemy, but could also send her to the dark side.

This is the season finale and it does tie up the story of the Geruda, but it does so in a rather disappointing and unspectacular fashion. The action is pretty flat and only the fact that Kenzi is seriously wounded causes alarm, though a solution to that is posited early on in the episode, making it clear that whoever is mortally wounded can be saved and thus removing all the tension.

All in all, a disappointing end to the season.








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